“Hey! Have you got Belly Fat or any of these problems?”

Backed Up Gut Symptoms

If you do, you may have a Backed Up Gut and NOT EVEN KNOW IT! 

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Dangerous Belly Fat

Belly fat is not only uncomfortable and often unsightly, it can be downright deadly. Belly fat is visceral fat that collects around the abdomen giving a rounded, puffed look. 

Belly fat is associated with a host of medical problems, including heart disease, diabetes, heartburn and sleep difficulties

Most of the health problems we associate with fat are strongly linked with visceral fat, which in many people seems to accumulate with age, diet, lifestyle and stress levels. 

Many people find out how dangerous their belly fat is after it’s too late. Yet, nowadays, men and women are taking a much more proactive approach to reducing belly fat.  

Take The Garbage Out!

One of the most important things you can do for your health is reduce your belly fat. Along with a healthy diet, exercise and drinking plenty of clean water, the 30 Second GUT FLUSH will reduce the toxins, flush out your system and give you a greater sense of well-being.  

Learn the Gut Flush Method:

  • Flatten Your Stomach
  • Release Excess Weight
  • ‘Take out the garbage’ from your body DAILY! 

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A backed-up gut is dangerous. It can’t get rid of the waste and toxic sludge in your body that should be ‘Flushed’ out daily. 

That waste backs up in the body like garbage in a Garbage Dump. YUCK!

Yup, it backs up into the tissues of your body, like your arms, legs, chest and organs… Not just your belly.

There is a solution!

This Crazy & Easy 3 Step 30 Second GUT FLUSH-exercise can ‘Take Out the Garbage’ and release excess weight from your whole body!  

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